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IGI Inex Holding (UK) is a privately-owned Global investment company based in London - United Kingdom - and founded by Mr. Werner Schmidt, a São Paulo-based entrepreneur and German native. This is a holding company established with the purpose to oversee the operations, governance and compliance of several businesses in mining, manufacturing, gemstones, real estate and finance.

Guiding Principles

As a group of committed and driven entrepreneurs, we believe that trust, ethics and transparency among our collaborators, leaders, partners, stakeholders and the society as a whole should be our North star.

We also hold passion and innovation in high regard: we seek to acquire and build businesses that have the potential to drive sustainable growth and have a positive impact in the communities that we are part of. However, success can only be achieved if business also aligns with what we truly enjoy doing.

  • Trustworthiness
  • Ethics and transparency
  • Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Passion
  • Innovation

Our Board

Mr. Werner Schmidt is a German-born, São Paulo-based entrepreneur, with an extensive background in Business Administration, Accounting and Mining, having founded his first engineering company back in 1984. Around that time, he completed additional training in open cast mining at Rheinbraun AG, a corporation with mineral reserves in Germany and abroad as well.

He also worked with several other organizations in the mining sector, such as Saarbergwerke AG, Sophia Jacoba and Robecco, Additionally, Schmidt is Chairman of Seabury Capital LLC and its parent company, Seabury International Holdings Inc. (SIH). He is focused on supporting and expanding Seabury’s new fund management and existing banking businesses.

Mr. Abreu holds a degree in Business Administration from Escola Superior de Administração e Gestão – ESAGS / FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas). He has over 10 years of experience in Audit, Compliance and Risk & Control across multiple industries including Commodities, Manufacturing, Banking and Retail, having worked for global companies such as Ernst & Young, Louis Dreyfus and PwC.

IGI Global Business presence - Where we invest

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IGI Inex Real Estate (UK)

Based in London (UK), invests in corporate properties with the purpose of generating a rental revenue stream. IGI Holding owns the majority of the shares, and, in turn, IGI Real Estate is an investor of SouthCapital Real Estate (also with the majority of the shares), which targets the Brazilian market. Over time, we will focus on renewing our portfolio, replacing older buildings owned by IGI with newer properties, allowing IGI Real Estate (UK) to become a financial partner in these developments.

IGI Inex Real Estate (UK) location

IGI Inex Trading (UK)

Based in London (UK) with the purpose of buying (importing) and selling (exporting) Gemstones and commodities such as Iron Ore, Fertilizers, by-products and Copper. It is where the sales operations and trade finance facilities of the group are centralized. It is a subsidiary of IGI Holding (UK).

IGI Inex Real Estate (UK) location

IGI Inex Global Investment (Lux)

It is a Luxembourg-based company, focused on engineering, research and development of new technologies for the mining sector, mainly targeting solutions that can have a direct operational and environmental impact.

IGI Inex Global Investment (Lux) location

SouthCapital Holding do Brasil

Based in São Paulo (Brazil) to consolidate all of the 'South Capital' businesses owned by the group. It was established with the purpose of investing and participating in valuable companies and endeavor, and IGI Holding owns a substantial amount of shares. SouthCapital Holding do Brasil's subsidiaries mainly operate in activities related to mining (iron ore), gemstones, trading and real estate, with a strong focus on growth and sustainability. For more information and to learn more about the different operations please visit SouthCapital Holding do Brasil's website

SouthCapital Holding do Brasil location

Seabury Capital

It is a New York City-based organization, which operates several specialty finance, investment and merchant banking, technology, and software companies. The firm has 25 offices in 16 countries. In addition, the group to which Seabuty Capital belongs works in partnership with Accenture.

Seabury Capital locations

Copper Valley Holding Ltd

It is a North Colombia-based copper mine, with high concentrations of copper venues (up to 38% Cu), which are proven and tested by a top-tier consulting firm.

Copper Valley Holding Ltd location
Company in acquisition phase: Achelis


Our main goal is to fill any identified gaps and optimize the performance of the different companies in our group. Corporate governance guides decision-making and aims to provide the means to better results, ensuring that the shared interests of key stakeholders are met.

IGI Governance

activities include

Ensuring our subsidiaries and their operations abide by laws and regulations in their area of trade

Managing the complexity of all the different operations and the specific needs of the adopted business models

Engaging with partners, vendors and third-parties to find areas of opportunities horizontally

Managing stakeholders expectations, as their single source of truth

Sustainability and Social Development

To us sustainable growth is a concept that entails meeting the needs of the current generation without jeopardizing the future of future generations. That is why our commitment to sustainability and social development is based on three key pillars: social, environmental and financial.

We strive to build our organizational structure in a way that enables financial growth and at the same time ensures our other two pillars, social and environmental, are also being developed. All the companies in our group must fulfill their obligation to environmental safety, managing risks and complying with all local standards and regulations in their communities.

Corporate sustainability is the only path forward for our organization and we won't ever compromise on that to grow our profits.

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